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Will You Be Tuning In To Watch "Revenge"?

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Premiering tonight, ABC's "Revenge" is the network's latest foray into the nighttime soap opera genre. Using the Hamptons as its backdrop, the show stars Emily VanCamp?formerly of everyone's mother's favorite show, "Brothers and Sisters"?as a a modern day Edmond Dantes, seeking revenge against the family that ruined her father. Early reviews have varied wildly, calling the show everything from "campy" to "unconvincing" to "kinda fun". If this trailer is any indication, we expect the word "cancellation" will also apply after six to eight episodes.

As it is set in the Hamptons (although not filmed here), we're wondering if Curbed readers have any plans on tuning in. We most certainly do, but only to laugh at and report on the the show's inaccuracies.

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