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We've Got Questions, You've Got Answers

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Early last week, we asked Curbed readers to help us settle a debate about the correct name for Jackson Pollock's old stomping grounds. We posed a simple question: Is it "The Springs" or simply "Springs"? After 200 responses (and a smattering of comments), we're ready to announce a victor.

Just under 60% of respondents think that the hamlet's correct name is simply "Springs".

To be honest, we fully expected this outcome, but we also thought that the poll would be a little more lop-sided. There's a distinct possibility that in a few years, the results could be reversed.

Now the question we're left with is why "The Springs" is slowly becoming accepted. Our favorite theory involves the welcome signs (seen above) that the Springs Community Advisory Committee paid to install a few years ago. It would make sense that since they were erected, referring to the area as "The Springs" has become more popular.

We're curious to see what our readers think about this change. Should the signage shoulder most of the blame or are there other reasons that we might be missing? Feel free to share your theories via Email or in comments below.