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It's Official: The Hamptons Begins At The Shinnecock Canal

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All summer long, we've been asking Curbed readers this very important question: Where does the Hamptons officially begin? It was as much a philosophical question as a geographical one and we received lots of amazing comments, including:

"There is no way Hampton Bays, Riverhead, FLANDERS (shudder) are part of the Hamptons. Only people who vacation in Westhampton think they're 'in the Hamptons'. Montauk didn't use to be part of the Hamptons, but that has changed in recent years (thanks, Surf Lodge)." "I live in Westhampton, and I'd be very proud to say that Westhampton is NOT part of the Hamptons. We are a laid back, friendly town, not overrun with stuck up, rude citidiots. :) " "The villages of East Hampton and South Hampton are centuries old. They became popular and chic vacation spots in the middle of the 20th century, and with an influx of money an rising property values, hamlets like Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor and Amagansett began to be included under the rubric "the Hamptons." (And now, much later and very sadly, wonderful Montauk is finally joining them.) It's not a matter of restive or snobbery, it's just a matter of association. 'The Hamptons' meant the villages of East Hampton and Southampton, and eventually, the other hamlets between and around them. All of these places are, basically, the area east of the canal. Hampton Bays is the place right before the Hamptons." "If you want to be politically correct (and a normal person), anything in the town of East or Southampton is part of the Hamptons and if you wanna be a prick, everything east of Southampton." Now the polls are closed and the people have spoken: The Hamptons officially begins at the Shinnecock Canal. So although points west, like Westhampton, Quogue, and Hampton Bays, are absolutely lovely places, the consensus among Curbed readers is that they are not part of the Hamptons. But, depending on your point of view, this is not necessarily a bad thing.
In our survey, we also wanted to know about the fate of Montauk and Shelter Island:

And although our polls might be closed, the comment system sure isn't. Do weigh in on the results below.

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