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Reader Comments

Curbed readers know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to our recent posts. Here's a round-up of the more notable comments:

A MEETING TO DISCUSS LIGHTING DEVOLVES INTO QUALITY OF LIFE DEBATE: "I live in lower Manhattan with a house in Mntk and I tell you that these louts who frequent these two joints are disliked as much by us here in NYC as they are in Mntk. They ruin entire neighborhoods here. They should all go back home to mommy's basement in the midwest."

FISH FARM FOOLISHNESS: "If the business depended on an uninterrupted elecrical power, why had[n't] they invested in a generator before it became an emergency situation. Bad business decision."

YOU KNOW, THAT PLACE WHERE JACKSON POLLOCK USED TO LIVE: "I mean 'duh'. It's just "Springs" - always has been. Next thing you know the newbies will be referring to the finest outer borough in NYC as 'The Brooklyn'. Sheesh."

COULDA SWORN THERE WAS A ROAD AROUND HERE: "On the way, she skidded all the way across the highway into the front of the Hedges Inn. Apparently, the formidable Isabella Hedges was very nice to my grandmother."