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Southfork Kitchen Owner Dishes On Money

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In his most recent blog post for The New York Times, resto-blogger/owner Bruce Buschel, has offered his readers a rather surprising look into the post-season finances of his less-than-year-old Southfork Kitchen. While he admits that the following figures aren't exact, we'd be hard-pressed to find another restaurateur that would be so forthcoming when money is involved:
"In July and August, we averaged 90 guests a night, six nights a week, at $100 per person. We took in about a half million dollars in 56 working nights, including one forgettable Thursday and one disruptive visitor named Irene. Had we been open in June, with an additional 24 days, we could have added another $200,000 and wound up at $700,000 for the summer."Pulling in half a million in just two months seems like a reason to celebrate, but once the initial construction costs are factored in, Buschel admits that, "[The restaurant] will not be in the black," come its first anniversary. "We are in a hole. We might find oil before we find profit." · How We Did This Summer [NY Times]
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