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See You In Court

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After Tropical Storm Irene washed away some of the beachfront near her house, owner Mollie Zweig wanted to take action to "save [her] property line." A homeowner protecting their property is understandable, but the issue is her decision to install a permanent fence without proper approval. Now it looks like the owner of the oceanfront home near Georgica Beach and her contractor have earned themselves a date to appear in court for violating East Hampton Village's "notice and order to cease all activity within a regulated area."

The pair received "an invitation to court" after Village Code Enforcement Officer Thomas Lawrence observed that construction on the beach continued mere hours after he hand-delivered a stop-work order.

The fence project has earned the wrath of neighbors (and Curbed readers), and a Facebook page, “Friends of Georgica Beach,” has been created to monitor the situation. [Previously, 27 East]