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Village Considers Swale To Keep Hedges Inn Car-Free

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While most drivers deftly navigate the streets around Town Pond in East Hampton, each Summer at least one intrepid motorist takes the road less traveled. If this doesn't lead to crashing into the front porch of The Hedges Inn, it most certainly ends with the driver tire deep in one of the village's most recognizable landmarks.

After one such incident in July, village officials tapped Drew Bennett, the village's consulting engineer, to design a swale to be placed at the intersection of Woods Lane, James Lane and Ocean Avenue. For those unfamiliar with the term, a swale is basically a shallow depression that runs along the contour of land. Think of it like rumble strips on a highway, but "greener" and less jarring if your car happens to end up in one.

"Town Pond is a pretty good car catcher," Bennett said, but this move should make the area less accident prone, much to the relief of the hotel staff and guests?not to mention the pond's resident swans.

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