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Is "Quintessential" the Most Overused Word in the Hamptons?

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We were taking a gander at the latest Hamptons real estate listings, as we do, and stumbled upon this "Quintessentail" farmhouse in Sagaponack. Spelling error aside, it got us thinking: This word does seem to pop up a lot in real estate listings. In doing a quick search, we pulled up 30 other examples (many of which are decidedly not quintessentially anything at all). Here are some other overused words:

Charming: 444 Listings
Classic: 162 Listings
Cozy: 168 Listings
Amazing: 160 Listings
Retreat: 198 Listings
Rare Opportunity: 120 Listings
Awful: 0 Listings

Are there any other words that should be forever banished from Hamptons real estate listings? Leave 'em in the comments.

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