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Come to the Hamptons for the Beaches, Stay for the Rehab

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Why go to Promises in Malibu when you can head to a new chic rehab facility right in our own backyard? The Dunes East Hampton promises to be "the first high-end, substance abuse residential rehabilitation center on the East Coast" which will provide "state-of-the-art treatment in luxurious and exclusive settings to affluent, private-pay patients."

It's located in the Northwest Woods and they've got lots of big bedrooms with "frequent colorful floral arrangements," a spa, tennis court, pool, and a "sophisticated menu" full of lobster and farm-fresh eggs. Of course, this all doesn't come cheap: They recommend checking in for 90 days for maximum effectiveness, which runs $105,000. But for those with busy schedules, 30 days of seaside recovery runs $45,000 and 60 days costs $80,000.

· The Dunes East Hampton [Official Site]