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Nab a South-of-the-Highway Home in EH for under $2M!

Every one thousand days or so, the opportunity to live in East Hampton South for under $1 million presents itself. Today is sadly not one of those days, but it's close! Presenting the 1,800-square-foot cottage at the head of Skimhampton Road, which just hit the market for $1.695 million. The home's not only eye-catching for it's beachy decor, but also for it's location: south of the highway! Of course, the 3-bedroom house only sits one parcel south of the highway, but getting to town and the beach is still a breeze, right? And the half-acre property's proven to be a pretty solid investment: it last traded in 2005 for about $500,000 less than the current asking price.

· Listing: South-of-the-Highway and Sweet [Saunders]