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See The Rarefied Maidstone Club From The Heavens

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[Photo credit: Cully/EEFAS]

Ah, the storied Maidstone Club in East Hampton. Since 1891, it's been one of the most exclusive places in the Hamptons to hit a few rounds of golf, enjoy a swim, or kick back one too many southside cocktails. Admission is, of course, strictly guarded: "People with similar background are deemed trustworthy. Outsiders are potential scoundrels. No chances are taken on admitting someone who might not be...right."

For those who haven't been fortune enough to get through the doors, the place is much bigger than it looks from the parking lot. To prove it, we asked Cully, our favorite aerial photographer, to swing by and snap the place from the above. Click here, here, and here for super high resolution versions of a few of the above photos (warning: these files are big).

· Maidstone Club [Official Site]

Maidstone Club

50 Old Beach Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937 Visit Website