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Gilt City's Hamptons Adventure Will Be Slapped With Court Injunction

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Gilt City, part of the Gilt Groupe, thought it'd be super fun to get a house in the Hamptons and use it to sell "exclusive" experiences, like dinner with chef Scott Conant ($125) or yoga with Russell Simmons ($75).

But, since this is their first Hamptons venture, they were blissfully unaware that the Village of East Hampton frowns upon running a business out of a single family home and the Village Board has voted to seek an injunction in State Supreme Court to prevent Gilt from opening the house next week. Larry Cantwell, the village administrator, said, "The folks at Gilt City came to see me several weeks ago and talked to me about the things that they were planning to do. I advised them that they probably made a mistake...renting a single-family house." After Gilt City started advertising the House, Cantwell said, "It became apparent that this was an everyday, continuous commercial activity use...The board is concerned about defending residential zoning.”

Gilt City has just forwarded along the following statement: "We worked with the authorities in the Hamptons and have gone through the proper channels to obtain the proper permitting needed. We have done everything in collaboration with the village and we are continuing to work with them in resolving this situation." Although if that was indeed the case, why are they in this mess?

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