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4-Acre North Haven Parcel Shooting for Real Estate Gold

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In 2010, a 3-acre swath of land on Actors Colony Road became the star of North Haven's Most Expensive Land Transaction, Ever when it sold for $12 million. But now a stealthy parcel of land on Sunset Beach Road is closely eyeing the title role. The plot of land consists of two separate lots—one of which includes 325' of waterfront land and a dock—that total about 4 acres of land. Unfortunately, there's a slight technicality in the shape of a 3,500-square-foot modern home getting in the way of its victory. Unlike the current record holder, this property isn't really coming vacant (even though most buyers will presumably tear down the existing house). That said, if the property does sell anywhere near its $16 million asking price, we'll proudly regard it as the Most Expensive (almost!) Land Transaction, Ever.

· Listing: Shy Four Acres [Corcoran]