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Historically Significant Sag Home Needs a New Captain

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One of the historically significant homes on Sag Harbor's iconic Captain's Row is in need of a new, well, captain! The three-story brick home just popped up on the market for an even $5 million, and here are a couple good reasons why it's worth it.

For starters, history envelops the circa 1840 home, which goes by the name L'Hommedieu House. In fact, the property can trace its ownership all the way back to day one, when a pre-revolutionary Sag Harbor family known for operating "a rope walk on Glover Street" commissioned the place. And second off, the five-bedroom house is a "rare" example of Sag Harbor architecture. Notes the American Institutes of Architects, the home "would be as much at home in Greenwich Village as in Sag Harbor." The perfect outpost for any Manhattanite!

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