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Two New Listings Battle it out on Charming Mill Hill Lane

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Over the past few weeks, two pretty comparable listings on Mill Hill Lane have popped up on the market. Great news for someone trying to get on the otherwise exclusive lane; not such great news for the respective sellers! Let's have a look, though, shall we?

32 Mill Hill Lane: A 4-bedroom, 2-bath cape priced at $2.350 million. Perks include room for a pool, nice weathered cedar shakes, and clean (albeit dated!) interiors. The home last sold in 2007 for an impressive $1.9 million, which leaves some room fo' negotiation.

65 Mill Hill Lane: Also a 4-bedroom home, but with a slightly higher asking price of $2.395 million, 1.5 more bathrooms, and what seems to be one less level. Oh, and nearly an identically-sized parcel of land, also with room for a pool. The one real distinction? This place has definitely been spruced up a bit more.

So which would you choose: the $2.350 million project or the $2.395 million done deal?

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