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Now You'll Never Be Homesick For the Hamptons In Jakarta

There's something delightful about seeing what people around the world think of the Hamptons. Today, let us take a peak at the new Hamptons Café in Jakarta where denizens of the Indonesian capital can have a taste of our sweet, sweet lifestyle. According to one of their managers:

"The name of the cafe illustrates not only the luxury of the region itself, but also the kind of lifestyle the people have in the area...When we decided to open the cafe, we were inspired by the homes in the Hamptons, where people like to have cocktail parties, and canapé are the kind of food they usually serve." Their small nibbles do remind us Sant Ambrose on Southampton's Main Street, except for the price (the Indonesian doppelgänger only charges about $1 for one of their treats, as opposed to $9.50).

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