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Morning Cardio Is Better At This Japanese Minimalist Home

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[Photo 1 credit: Hariri & Hariri]

Missed the chance to pick up an apartment in starchitect Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter Houses in Chelsea? Here's another opportunity to bask in his glory, this time in a Sagaponack home based on the 1924 plan of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Brick Country House (which was never actually built).

This 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath home was built in 2007 and spans 3,800 square feet and, included in the price, is $75k's worth of gym equipment and an additional $100k worth of other electronics and doodads.

The property hasn't been in the hands of the current owners for long nor do they seem to be expecting much of a profit (they bought it for $3M in May of 2010) and are currently on the market for just $3.3M. Might the proximity to the train tracks or airport be to blame for this quick flip?

UPDATE: Despite this listing appearing on Nest Seekers' website as an active listing (and then on StreetEasy), word has come from the owners that this property is not actually on the market. We reached out to the listing who confirmed that the property was indeed "not a current listing and is not Nest Seekers" and that it was all just a "flukey tech glitch." She (and we) sincerely regret the error.

· 15 Forest Crossing, Sagaponack [Nest Seekers]
· Sagaponack House [Shigeru Ban Architects]