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Reader Comments

Curbed readers have had lots to say about some of our recent stories. Here's a round-up of some new comments:

IS THERE REALLY A WEEKEND TRUCK PROBLEM ON NAPEAGUE'S BEACHES? "I say we really give them hundreds of trucks, like 200 or 300 trucks, on Labor Day weekend. A massive BBQ could be organized. Bring your trucks, grills, kids, dogs, coolers full of beer. Since we are already being accused of doing that every weekend anyway, we might as well do it up in style and smoke 'em whiners right out of their holes!" BOULDERS ON WEST END ROAD TO PREVENT PARKING: "Solution: Smartcar!" REMSENBERG IS NOT THE HAMPTONS: "Remsenburg has many characteristics beyond geography that prevent it from being in the Hamptons. For starters it is quiet, charming and friendly." BLAME GILT CITY THE NEXT TIME YOU'RE DENIED A HEART TRANSPLANT: "It is illegal! They should know better and frankly, taxpayers shouldn't have to deal with businesses trying to promote their brands to drunks and social climbers in residential neighborhoods. Newsflash to Gilt: Buy retail space!" TOWN OF EAST HAMPTON LOOKING TO SET OUTDOOR CAPACITY LIMITS: "Memo to Bill Wilkinson: uh, we are actually a 12-month community Sir. It's just that we have to endure 4 months of hell in order to enjoy the other 8 months. Life does exist out here for people after Labor Day, 'ya know Bub!"