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Is There Really A Weekend Truck Problem On Napeague's Beaches?

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[Photo credit: Cully/EEFAS]

For those that haven't heard, there's a war being fought on the beaches of Napeague right now. Essentially, people have been driving trucks onto a certain stretch of sand and the neighboring homeowners are really annoyed by this. One Curbed reader describes the weekend scene thusly:

I've lived on Napeague for the past 29 summers. The beach parking issue is out of hand. There are literally hundreds of truck parked all day long with no bathroom facilities. I have seen people urinate behind their trucks or head up into the dunes. It's just lovely. CFAR [Citizens For Access Rights] is making this a class issue. It's not. They destroy the beach every weekend with their trucks. I love seeing families enjoying the beach but turning a gorgeous stretch into a parking lot is obnoxious. CFAR should also remember that the Napeague homeowners are members of this community, pay taxes and support local farms, stores, etc.

But another described it this way: I encourage you to count the trucks. I was there last weekend and counted 40 vehicles. You are exaggerating. Actually you are making it a class issue - you don't like seeing the working public on your beach. Those trucks were there way before you were there. Oh and I'm sorry did you say you lived out here for 29 summers??? We live here year round - pay taxes and support local businesses year round. There are plenty of other beaches in EH without bathrooms - why is this one singled out because it affects YOU? The beach goers are also taxpayers in this community - so what makes you more important than us? Because you can afford a house on the ocean? So, let's count the trucks! The above photos were taken at about 11:45am on Saturday during a gorgeous 80° beach day and we count about 10 vehicles, which didn't seem to look too crazy. Were we just overhead at the wrong time?

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