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Remsenberg is not the Hamptons

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We are sometimes irked by people trying to capitalize on the cache of the Hamptons for very un-Hamptonsy things. So, obviously we were a little miffed to come across a listing for a stucco-clad house in Remsenburg that markets itself as "A European Villa in the Hamptons" and that is "located in one the most upscale areas in the Hamptons." Remsenbug. Really? We asked the listing broker what he might say to someone who would question this. He replied: "Anyone who thinks that Remsenburg is not an upscale community or that it is not in the Hamptons is misinformed or is confusing it with Speonk, which is adjacent to Remsenburg. Remsenburg is considered The FIRST HAMPTON." He also included a link to Remsenberg's Wikipedia page, which includes a similarly questionable claim. UPDATE: We decided to take it upon ourselves to fix the entry on Wikipedia, which now reads: "Although Remsenberg is located within the Town of Southampton, it is not considered to be geographically, historically, or culturally part of the Hamptons." [Previously, Scala Properties]