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Important Meadow Lane Oceanfront Estate Sold for $25M

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In 2010, a remarkable 6-acre oceanfront hit the market for $32.750 million. Crazier things have happened, right? But the now-sold Meadow Lane manse has a lot more intrigue than most other oceanfront properties. The home's known as The Bouwerie, and was designed in 1930 by New York architect Leroy P. Ward. According to the listing, Ward outfitted the home with an "authentic French provincial" vibe and "immense details," including a 2-story staircase and extensive wood carvings. Despite the stunning water views, something tells us most guests probably fixate on the architect instead. And here's something else to fixate on: this landmark home sold for $25 million—a $7.750 million discount!

· Listing: Meadow Lane Oceanfront [Sotheby's]