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These Are A Few Of Rachel Zoe's Favorite Hamptons Things

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We caught up with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe at the ACRIA "Cocktails at Sunset" event and asked her about a few of her favorite Hamptons things. Blue satin sashes not included:

How Hamptonsy do you get?
Well, I grew up here. I wasn't born here, but I've been coming here literally since i was a year old every summer since I was a baby. My parents live in Manhattan and this is my home. So when I come back here, it's very home for me.

Which is your Hamlet?
It was always East and then it was Wainscott and then Sagaponack. And now it's Water Mill.

Favorite beach?
Georgica. It's just private and I love it. I grew up going on that beach, but there's no bad beach out here.

Favorite spots?
Roger proposed to me at East Hampton Point, but that was like 15 years ago.

What about going out?
Do you think I'm cool? I'm not cool, so I don't actually know where you go out these days in the Hamptons...I kinda hide out at my parent's house.

Favorite dining spot?
I actually love Tutto il Giorno. It's one of my favorite restaurants here and it's always the first restaurant I go to when I get here.

Are you into the yoga or the spin thing?
Well, I have a new baby, so exercise is not a part of my life right now. Well it never has been, but it's definitely not right now.

So you're not really doing kids things out here?
[My son is] 4 months. I'm going to take him to the polo matches and see Nacho [Figueras] play. Nacho said he's going to teach him how to 4 month's old. Ha! I plan to just take him in the pool for the first time...that'll be really fun.

Where do you shop in the Hamptons?
I love East's so much fun. I love Southampton, too...they're both actually pretty great. There's great vintage shops now...I'm a big vintage shopper.

Any names?
They're all kinda fun...Intermix is great, I love going to Urban Zen, I love all of it!

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