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Doing the Hamptons Like Madonna Now $700K Cheaper

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When Madonna needs a break from her Upper East Side conglomerate, she might stop by her "Wild Ocean" horse farm for a quick ride. Sounds pleasant, right? Well now a similar lifestyle can be yours for $700,000 cheaper than it used to be!

Sitting right across the street from Madge's property is a 2-acre compound from the 1930s. The spread consists of a 4-bedroom main house, a pool house, and two barns. Corcoran has been listing the place since 2008, with asking prices as high as $4.6 million, and now, courtesy a PriceChop, as low as $3.9 million.

Of course, Wild Ocean trumps this compound acreage wise; but the compound comes out on top when it comes to development rights! Whereas Wild Ocean must remain a farm, the sky's the limit for the compound; according to the listing, one of the barns can even become a guest house. And that's precisely why Madonna herself reportedly scoped out the joint back in 2009.

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