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Gilt City to the Town of Southampton: Hahahahahahaha

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The Town of Southampton was not pleased to discover that Gilt City, a purveyor of "exclusive experiences" and part of the GIlt Groupe of companies, had set up shop in a private home in a residential area of Bridgehampton last week, so they sought to file an injunction in New York State Supreme Court to shut the whole place down. But unfortunately for Gilt City's neighbors on Scuttle Hole Road, the State has just denied this request. In response, the dejected Town simply says that they "will continue to monitor them for the rest of the summer."

And while this might be a legal victory for Gilt City, the damage done to their reputation on the East End has been severe; many residents now feel that Gilt City embodies everything that's terrible about the Hamptons: Noise, traffic, overpriced "experiences," and visitors who bring with them an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Southampton Councilwoman Nancy Graboski, who initiated the resolution to shut Gilt City down, says, "It's greed and it’s city people and it’s power and taking advantage of small town ways."

So while the phrase "August People" has been in the Hamptons lexicon for quite some time, perhaps it's now time to start talking about "August Corporations"?

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