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Bloodbath Strategies

On Saturday, The Feast's Ben Leventhal (and Eater founder) will be hosting the annual Burger Bloodbath at the Gilt City House in Bridgehampton. The rules are strict ("Ingredients other than those available at retail in Suffolk County must be declared at least three days before competition.") and participants spend all year devising a winning strategy, including chef (and featured 2011 participant) Wylie Dufresne: "First of all, I'm a big a big fan of American cheese...I prefer Land-o-Lakes. Kraft is a little too plastic. We worked on a mixture of a couple different cheeses, with an addition of wheat beer. It's not terribly difficult. I've certainly done more complicated things. Making a delicious bun would have been harder. In the spirit of playing to win, my R&D team also tried to come up with a cheese that tasted like ketchup, but we can't get it right in time." We don't think the world is ready for a cheese that tastes like ketchup, so maybe this isn't such a bad thing. [Grub Street]