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$1.3M Parcel Back on the Market, Now with a $4M House

In 2007, Corcoran power-broker Susan Breitenbach sold a parcel of land on Southampton's Adams Lane for $1.330 million. At the time, Breitenbach played up the parcel's "Last of its kind" angle—after all, there is very little untouched land south of Hill Street. But now, four years later, Breitenbach is tasked with selling the same property, just under a whole new set of circumstances. Since selling back in 2007, the parcel has been developed with a $4 million 6-bedroom home, complete with a pool and cabana. Because pools and cabanas are a dime a dozen these days, Breitenbach and her son have dropped the "Last of its kind" spin and opted for the "Southampton perfection!" one instead. Makes sense, right? Anyway, here's to Breitenbach for scoring some real estate double jeopardy!

· Listing: Southampton Perfection [Corcoran]