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Bunny Williams Responsible for "Quawksnest's" Good Looks

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In 2003, the late Bradley Krause, a co-founder of Kinko's, picked up and moved to Cutchogue after his company sold to fedex for $2.3 billion. Krause and his wife decided on the 1.2-acre estate known as Quawksnest, which was actually built by his great-grandfather over 100 years ago. Small world, eh? According to Real LI, in addition to shelling out $3.5 million for the home, Krause also called upon renown decorator Bunny Williams to deck out his new digs. Swoon!

The renovation included the addition of some new porches, including a screened-in one to house a barbecue, but mostly left the footprint untouched, notes Real LI. That's fine, though, since Williams worked some real magic on the interiors. Our favorite touches? Probably the post-and-beam media room and the cozy living room. And that the entire waterfront estate can be had for $6.5 million.

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