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North Haven's Most Glamorous 'Floating' Daybeds Now $1M Pricier

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The 7,500-square-foot spec house sitting on a private peninsula in North Haven has been all over the place price wise. When it first hit the market back in 2009, it sought a respectable $12.9 million. However, over the course of the next year, the price tag for the two-acre spread jumped all the way up to $15.9 million. (Apparently the going rate for over 600' of waterfront...and two of the East End's only "floating daybeds.") But now those enviable amenities will cost you an extra $1 million—the owners just upped the price a week ago! If this price-upper seems a little hard to digest, focus instead on the home's smart-house features (iPad connectivity!), outdoor yoga platform, and gourmet kitchen. That said, act fast before the price jumps up again!

· Listing: Private Hamptons Oasis [Saunders]