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It's Time to Nominate the Hottest Broker in the Hamptons

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To celebrate the last full week of August, we're pleased to announce the first-ever Hottest Week, in which we pit hot (sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, arresting, captivating, alluring, etc.) Hamptons real estate brokers against each other in a massive, weeklong, sports-like showdown to determine, once and for all, who is the hottest of the hot.

Here's how you can help: While we do consider ourselves excellent, objective judges of outer beauty, the tipline is now open for your submissions: Send us your pitches for the hottest broker on the East End along with a photo (or link to one). Nominations are due by end of day Sunday, at which point we'll assess them and assemble them into an official list. It's fine to make a case for yourself—we're keeping nominators confidential—and entries for both men and women are welcome to the party. The games begin on Monday!