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Reader Comments

Curbed readers have had lots to say about some of our recent stories. Here's a round-up of some recent comments:

Gilt City's Hamptons House Is Now On Scuttle Hole Road in Bridgehampton:
"Gilt City thinks that calling it a "members only" event will let them get away with this. But anyone with an email address can become a member. And they think that calling them "private events" will let them get away with this, too. But these dinners and classes are all for sale to the general public, so just because they won't give out the address until someone buy something doesn't mean it's actually a private event." Luna Farm in Sagaponack Can Be Yours For $30 Million:
"God, please miraculously deposit $30 million into my checking account so I might buy and preserve this lovely parcel. Amen." Southampton Helipad To Become Enormous Luxury Billboard:
"Didn't they try this at East Hampton Airport...= Epic Fail. Any brand manager that pays $20K a month for a few hundred rich people to see their brand is an idiot" Here's Where We Ask You For Your Hamptons Taxi Horror Stories:
"Charging per person is a terrible policy. If I'm out with 3 friends, taking four individual cabs is going to cost the same as if we all piled in one? It's bad for the environment and inefficient business for the cabs since it discourages sharing. An extra person should be a nominal surcharge (like the cabs have in DC), it shouldn't DOUBLE the price." MTK Festival Cancelled Because Not Enough People Cared:

"it's a shame because this could have been a really cool event - i was watching it from the beginning and am a big fan of a couple of the bands, but could never resolve myself to shelling out $400+ for my husband and i to attend. it was doomed from day one..."