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Spectacular 11-Acre Montauk Moorlands Home Now $10.9M

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Montauk Moorlands refers to the rustic, secluded portion of Montauk made famous by Andy Warhol, and later, Mickey Drexler, who purchased Warhol's digs for almost $30 million. And here's an opportunity to own some Moorlands dirt for the freshly discounted price of $10.9 million. The 4,700-square-foot post-modern home in question occupies an astounding 11-acre parcel, complete with views of the ocean and proximity to reserves. The 6 bedroom home first hit the market place in September for $12.5 million, but just chopped off $1.6 million. The oldest trick in the interest-building book! Any takers?

· Listing: 44 Old Montauk Highway [Corcoran]