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Parrish Update

The Village of Southampton is still not sure what they're going to do with the current Parrish Art Museum building on Jobs Lane after the museum moves to their new building. (The Parrish is building a shinny new Herzog & de Meuron building on Highway 27 in Water Mill that'll open next year.) There are four plans being batted about and each "involve expanding the building’s footprint, while preserving and enhancing the surrounding arboretum." Although none of the plans presented last night to Village officials came with exact price tags, whatever gets picked isn't going to come cheap. Officials estimate that the renovation and expansion of the building "could cost about $10 to $12 million, with another $8 to $10 million for operational costs." [Previously, 27 East]

Parrish Art Museum

279 Montauk Highway , Water Mill, NY 11976 631 283 2118