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A Copy Editor Rips Apart One Of Those Free Hamptons Glossies

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The epic battle among the free glossy magazines of the Hamptons continued to rage over the holiday weekend. But does anyone actually read the things? Oh yes they do. In a scathing critique of Social Life Magazine, one particular copy editor notes that although their masthead features twelve editors ("none of whom has a title less grand than 'senior editor'"), they don't seem to have a copy editor, "which could explain a lot." Among her many concerns about Social Life's prose:

The editor-in-chief [Devorah Rose], in her letter, had been working the dictionary of quotations: in about 300 words she managed to cite Coco Chanel, Winston Churchill, Alexander McQueen and, weirdly, Anthony Crosland, who was a quite important British politician in the 1960s and ’70s, and who I am quite certain no readers of Social Life—or even most people in Britain under the age of 40—have ever heard of. Perhaps the editor-in-chief hadn’t either; she certainly didn’t bother to identify him, which is another thing that a copy editor would have insisted on. · School Room: Copy Editing Social Life Magazine [WWWord]
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