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$11M Windmill Home Aims for Marie Antoinette Grandeur

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Tucked away in a development near Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett is this 6,000-square-foot home, complete with quite the backstory! The tale begins in 2008 when a mystery owner plopped down $4.75 million for the 1.9-acre ocean view property, and then commissioned builder Christian Fokine to, well, build the home. The result is the kinda whimsical "world class estate" show above, which admittedly draws inspiration from La maison de la reine—the "rustic retreat" built for Marie Antoinette.

But rather than settling on just cake, Fokine also let the homeowners have a nifty non-functioning windmill, which he envisioned for a rear-facing turret. As you can see, East Hampton ultimately let the windmill fly, but not without calling it one of the more "bizarre" petitions it's ever seen. And we can see why! So how much to live like Marie Antoinette, if Marie Antoinette had to deal with zoning codes? $10.995 million.

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