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Hamptons Haiku: Would You Like Water Or Juice?

Think you can do better? Send your Hamptons Haiku to and you could win two tickets to the MTK Festival. Click here for details. Here are a few recent submissions:

Which Range Rover's mine?
Too many black ones parked here
at Citarella

The East End summer
Endless breezes at the beach
Main street is bustling

Table at Trata?
Five-thirty or eleven.
Now must barbecue.

I'm a young local
I cannot afford tickets
Let alone my rent.

Fat old white guys suck
Their guts in as blonde hotness
stretches in yoga.

Wide white-sand beaches
Sun seekers lounge with cool drinks
Stress of City flees

Hipster caravan
spends their vampire weekend
searching for shortcuts.

To Montauk or not?
Williamsburg's not my scene.
Southampton's just fine.

Gwyneth leave the drive.
Powdered sand beneath my feet.
Am I a Hampster?

Old Montauk Highway
Up and down over the hills
Feel negative G’s

Crisp, pink popped collars
Lined up like dominos in
The bar at Surf Lodge

Parking lot chaos
A car pulls out; blinker on
Some jerk steals my spot

Hamptonites unite
To defeat the cidiots!
Joy is approaching.

Wonderland escape
Yearning bridge and tunnel folk
Flock to adventure