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Two Neighbors Gang Together and Create Newfangled Estate

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Down by the ocean, folks seem to be taking that whole "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself" thing very seriously. For the past few weeks, the homeowners of three contiguous Southampton properties have teamed up to create the $11.2 million newfangled listing unsurprisingly known as 534, 522, and 508 Wickapogue Road. The three lots encompass one 6,000-square-foot renovated home on an acre of land, one dated ranch on another acre of land, and then a final acre of land with nothing else but good old grass. Did you catch all that?

On one hand, the offering is definitely tempting: three prime acres with views of the ocean! But on the other, trying to relate the dated ranch with the renovated home, which has been bopping around the market since 2007, could prove challenging. And how would you ever go about picking just one house number to go with?
· Listing: 534, 522 and 508 Wickapogue Road [Corcoran]