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Hamptons Haiku: Collision Coverage Required

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Think you can do better? Send your Hamptons Haiku to and you could win two tickets to the MTK Festival. Click here for details. Here are a few recent submissions:

On old Route 17
we endure an endless wait
sands so close, yet far.

Montauk is dying!
But actually long dead.
Ask a Montaukett.

Which poison for me.
L I E or grand central.
Try southern state: bad choice.

From Montauk to Quogue
Who can afford to live here?
Ignore bills 'til fall.

Ridin' the chillwave
While blasting some sweet tuneage
Hamptons here I come

Nothing brings more joy
Than live music in the sun
Warms my merry soul

Where should someone go
For a unique getaway?
Off to the East End

Summer is hot; but
my house under construction.
How I miss the beach.

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