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First Time For Everything

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Meet Jasper Conroy, the first person ever to get a ticket on Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk for surfing. On a gorgeous day a few weeks ago, Conroy, along with lots of other people, were enjoying the waves. The lifeguards wanted to extend the no-surfing zone because of overcrowding and started to signal to surfers to get out of the water. Although Conroy saw a commotion on the beach, he "didn’t realize he was being told to get out. He said he eventually noticed a man on the beach waving his fist at him. He got out of the water, asked what was going on, and told the lifeguard he was in the right zone" where surfing was allowed. But the lifeguard didn't seem to care and gave the poor kid got a ticket, which he intends to now challenge in court. [East Hampton Star]