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Waterfront Chateaux-Style Home Finally Enters into Contract

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With its stucco facade and slate roof, this 6,000-square-foot waterfront Chateaux-style home definitely has staying power. And that's a good thing, especially since it's been in search of a buyer since as early as October of 2007. Talk about an endurance test! So what explains why this unique North Haven property has sat around for so long? Probably the price, which has jumped around about as much as the Dow the past few years. (At first, the five-bedroom home shot for just south of $10 million, but then slid all the way down to $5.995 million. And when the economy rebounded a bit, so did the price—to $6.395 million.) Though overwhelming, this moving-target strategy ultimately worked, and the home seems to be on the brink of closing. Wooo!

· Listing: On the Waterfront [Saunders]