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Hamptons Haiku: Latest Submissions

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Think you can do better? Send your Hamptons Haiku to and you could win two tickets to the MTK Festival. Click here for details. Here are a few recent submissions:

Contractor said June!
Now saying August fifteen?
Ah.... Hamptons in fall.

Some real estate sites
Include Center Moriches
In Hamptons listings.

Celebrity found
Running down Lily Pond Lane
Martha Stewart’s dogs.

So much great music
Pleasantly overwhelming
Perfect place to be

I gotta get paid,
But if I score the tickets?
The citiots rest.

Shhh... What's that you hear?
No cabs, no trucks flooding streets?
Next stop, the ocean.

Ocean waves crashing
people staying up all night
summer never ends

Just went to the beach
The smell of salt on my skin
Ellie song on my mind

L.I. Holiday
Hamptons with a few Cousins
Sippin' Horchata