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$26.5M Georgian Manor to Give Bloomberg Buyer's Remorse?

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Now that Ballyshear, the Gold Coast-era mansion rumored to be Mayor Bloomberg's latest conquest, is off the table, a new Georgian-style manor has come to take its place. The property in question just hit the market for $26.5 million, and offers a couple features that would undoubtedly catch Bloomberg's eye. And for just a couple bones more!

For starters, the newly listed Captains Neck Lane occupies the same East End village as Ballyshear, but in a tad more exclusive south-of-the-highway location. Second off, the 3.2-acre property is also on the water—a feature noticeably absent from the mayor's new digs. And while Ballyshear more than triples this place in square footage, both homes offer that enviable prewar vibe. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, Bloomberg!

The new listing's not all glamour, though, and not just because some of the rooms need updating. The property, which belonged to the late Paul Hallingby Jr. (a Bear Stearns bigwig in his day), actually appears to be the site of that infamous Southampton art theft. Not that Bloomberg's security detail would ever let $250,000 worth of paintings fly off the way, but still!

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