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$15M First Neck Lane Home Sitting Pretty on Tiny Peninsula

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Whereas some multi-million dollar Southampton estates still require a little imagination, other's come roaring and ready to go. Like this historic cedar shake gem! The 7,000-square-foot cottage shown above offers seven bedrooms, a manicured pool area, and enviable interiors. But that's not even the best part! The 2.2-acre property hugs Lake Agawam, and technically even sits on a little peninsula. Unsurprisingly, all of that unique geography will cost you big time—$15 million to be exact.

According to the listing, the property hasn't traded in over 30 years, which probably explains why everything looks so established. And if PropertyShark is to be any indication, turns out the estate belongs to a former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary who also played a hand in the development of E-ZPass. And that probably explains why the homeowners can afford a new butler.

· Listing: Lake Agawam - Southampton [Sotheby's]