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New Hamptons TV Show Won't Actually Be Filmed in the Hamptons

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"She has a fortune. She has a motive. She has a Plan." No, not Cheryl Mercuris. This is in one of the trailers for Revenge, a new nighttime soap opera on ABC that is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo that is supposed to take place on the East End. And oh how it looks like it's probably going to be terrible.

In watching this trailer (and all the alternate versions available on, we were struck by just how un-Hamptonsy it all looked. Further digging confirmed: Wilmington, NC? Check. Southport, NC? Check.

Fair enough! We totally get how television pilots are often filmed on micro budgets. But now that Revenge has been picked up to series and will be premiering this fall, surely they'll do at least a few on-location shoots in the Hamptons, right? Alas, ABC has confirmed that filming will take place in Los Angeles with only a few cheap exterior shots filmed in the Hamptons.

· Revenge [ABC Official Site]
· Revenge Trailer [YouTube]

—Charlotte Bayless