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What's Up With All These Spin Studios?

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Spin studios are like dentists: Everyone thinks theirs is "the best." But how to really choose? A Curbed reader wanted to go into the belly of the beast to help us sort out the real differences between SoulCycle, Physique 57, and FlyWheel. Here's Laura Baumgartner's take:

SoulCycle East Hampton
SoulCycle pioneered the idea that you can charge whatever you want for a workout and it's no different out here on the East End. Their new East Hampton location is tucked away in an airy space right off Newtown Lane behind Babettes. There are three bathrooms, half-sized lockers, and plenty of places to sit and stalk such regulars as Brooke Shields, Jane Krakowski and Anderson Cooper. The studio is quadruple the size of its Manhattan counterparts with natural light streaming in through ceiling windows. The new age vibe extends to the workout with more Yoga and breathing exercises. Price? $36, which includes shoes and a complimentary bottle of room-temperature smart water.

Pros: Pretty people, current megahits, best for celeb watching, great customer support
Cons: Price, classes don't always start promptly

Physique 57
Physique on Butter Lane in Bridgehampton raises the bar for Hamptons workouts. The renovated barn (also home to SoulCycle Bridgehampton) has been converted into spacious studios with outdoor tables and chairs for lounging under brand new colored umbrellas. It feels like a combination beach bar/ adult camp (without the alcohol). The studio themselves are oversized with multiple bathrooms and fully-stocked changing rooms. They offer Fico coconut water and Poland Spring, which is a refreshing change from all that SmartWater. Last time I was there, a 5’ 10” Eastern European model breezed through the hour long workout in a sports bra and shorts, earning many envious looks from all the women around me. Time in the historic Butter Lane barn will cost you $35 a session.

Pros: Space for lounging before class, gorgeously renovated studios, every toiletry you need
Cons: Intimidation factor, price, competitive

FlyWheel East End is located off of Montauk Highway just minutes from the Village of East Hampton. The same amenities I love at the UES location (including free bike shoes, water, and towels) are offered out East. The stadium seating spin studio is home to celebrity regulars such as Colin Quinn. We attended a late afternoon class and found the studio mostly empty with only 6 other riders, so some of the energy seemed lacking.

Pros: Price, shoes and water included in cost, strong air conditioning
Cons: Music seems dated, free water is room temperature, support staff seems less capable

—Laura Baumgartner