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$4.8M North Haven Home Actually Used to Live in Sag Harbor

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No doubt that the choice between the bustle of Sag Harbor and the seclusion of North Haven is a tricky one. But this quaint waterfront home seems to have figured out a solution: just do both! According to its listing, this circa 1850 cape-style home has actually moved around quite a bit. The house started off on Division Street in Sag Harbor, but retired to its present site in North Haven in the 1950s. Not a bad deal, especially since the new site occupies .75 acres of gorgeous waterfront land. Boardwalk included! And even though the well-traveled home maintains many of its original features, the addition of two new Waterworks bathrooms adds some spring to this antique's step. So how much to own a home with a history? That'll be $4.5 million, please.

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