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Whimsical Bay Street Pad Hits Market for First Time in 10+ Years

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As far as the Sag Harbor market goes these days, it looks like the latest village listing is also the most whimsical. The Bay Street property shown above just entered the ring for an impressive $4.8 million. And even though it's been over 10 years since the property's been available, that's still quite a bit more than the last sale price of $390,000. Good things come to those who wait, apparently!

The compound itself consists of two structures: one main house and one large accessory structure, which are actually connected to one another with a neat catwalk. But the whimsy doesn't stop there. The home's outfitted with tons of quirky accessories, including large faux cutlery hanging in the kitchen, a Jesus statute casually occupying an arm chair, and an endless supply of rustic wood paneling finishing off many of the spaces. And guess what! the .70-acre property can handle some expansion, which means the new owners can really go for it.

· Listing: European Charm and Elegance [Sotheby's]