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8,700-SF Farrell Building Co. Home Scores Contract in 20 Days!

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In addition to their inexplicable ability to turn folks into celebrities, top-knotch builder Joe Farrrell's homes also tend to sell like hotcakes. And here's a prime example: an 8,700-square-foot gambrel-style home that stands a couple of doors down from Madonna's horse farm. The property hit the market shortly after Memorial Day for $4.9 million, but found itself under contract well before the Fourth of July—about 20 days later! And while that feat's pretty remarkable in itself, let's not forget that the house isn't technically even new construction—it's been occupied for the past few years.

So what's the new homeowner getting out of this blink-and-you-miss-it deal? Well, the home comes with the typical Farrell finishes, including an ungodly number of bathrooms, a large finished basement, and a stacked backyard (pool, cabana, tennis). But our favorite amenity has to be the apple and pear orchard. We can smell the fresh pies already!

· Listing: Bridgehampton with Pool and Tennis [Saunders]