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$2.6M Converted Potato Barn Now Entirely Too Chic for Potatoes

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Here's a shiny new Sagaponack listing that really nails that whole old meets new thing. The $2.6 million property, which just hit the market after having dabbled as a rental for some time, boasts quite an interesting past. According to the listing, the home actually got its start as a potato barn back in the 1930s. But check out that kitchen—the vibe's definitely more no-carb diet than farm-fresh potatoes these days. As far as the rest of its history goes, the unique home last sold in 2008 for $1.5 million. And since then, it underwent an "award-winning" renovation, which left behind two new bathrooms and a 60x15 lap pool. Fortunately, the rustic exterior and an old orchard still remind us of what once was.

· Listing: Modern Potato Barn [Corcoran]