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Cynthia Rowley's Latest Montauk Purchase a Foreclosure Special?

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Designer Cynthia Rowley has a lot going on these days: there's the boutique in Montauk, and most recently, the retail and art directing gig at The Capri in Southampton. But blog Real LI caught wind of another endeavor on her part; she also just purchased what appears to be her second house in Montauk for $820,000. Rowley's publicist gave Real LI the classic "no comment," but we've got some answers nonetheless. The house itself sits within walking distance from the ocean and a couple minutes from the East Deck Motel. And the spread probably looks as, er, rustic as it does because it fell in and out of foreclosure the past couple of months. In fact, it was actually scheduled for a foreclosure auction right before Rowley closed on it in May. Perhaps that's how she scored such a deal? Either way, we hope Rowley douses the home in her iconic aesthetic and sends it right back to the marketplace so we can ogle at the transformation.

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