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Vigilantes To Re-landscape Post Office Under Cover Of Darkness

Landscaping is important, especially in the Hamptons. So when the Southampton post office moved to North Sea Road in 2009 into a LEED-certified building with an easy-care lawn, residents were mortified by the patchy grass and unkempt shrubbery. Now two years later with no noticeable improvement, Southamptonites are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore. The Mayor says "the village has been inundated with complaints about the wild appearance...the volume of calls that we have received is significant." Unfortunately, the Postal Service didn't budget for any maintenance of the grounds, which they say was specifically designed to "require little watering, mowing, or fertilizers." Now it's only a matter of time before vigilantes start planing bulbs and mowing the lawn under the cover of darkness.

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